For Individuals
Your Full Potential
In What Areas of your
Life do you Struggle?
What Challenges are
you Facing Today?
Are you struggling with sadness or depression?
Do ever feel anxious or have you had panic attacks?
Are you grieving the loss of someone, a relationship, or a job?
Have you experienced a traumatic event?
Did you grow up in an abusive environment?
If you answered YES to any of these questions...
Counseling Will Help!
We'll process your sadness and immediately deploy strategies to move you out of depression and into joy.
I'll teach you how to regulate your nervous system to reduce anxiety. Keeping your internal Anxiety Bucket levels low is important for 2 reasons. First, you'll feel better. Second, you'll have space in your bucket to help regulate the energy of those you love when they're feeling anxious.
I'll help you process your grief as you say good-bye to your loss. Doing this work helps free your energy, helps you return balance to your life, and helps you choose happiness.
Traumatic events and abusive relationships are extremely painful and require specific work to heal the wounds and reconnect with yourself. I'll guide you on this journey of growth and healing.
Just Want Self-Growth
No worries! We can do that too. Many individuals who are either single or in a relationship want to reach their highest potential and be their "best version."
We'll discover the blocks to your success.
Are you a perfectionist? Do you spend too much time on projects? Or do you not start projects for fear of failing, becoming paralyzed? Let's fix that!
Do you feel disconnected from yourself? When your mental self-image doesn't match who you really are--you will experience Low Self-Esteem! Finding yourself is some of the most powerful work you'll ever do!
Do you know that you already have Great Core Values? And that when your behavior comes from those values you feel happy, competent, and powerful? Did you know that when you begin to behave outside of your Core Values, a Painful feedback loop activates to alert you to make a course correction? I'll teach you this process and help you identify the 5 pains!
How strong and confident do you feel about your boundaries? Okay...let's work on that!
Individual Work Leads to
Happy Relationships!
You don't have to wait any longer to begin living the life you've been dreaming about! I'm ready to help.
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For Couples
It's Not Too Late
What Questions Keep
you Awake at Night?
What's Your Current
Relationship Status?
Are you near Break-Up and wondering if your relationship can survive?
Are you Trapped in arguments and longing to reconnect?
Are you Comfortable but wondering where the fun has gone?
Are you wanting to improve your Communication patterns?
Are you New to one another and want to keep the sizzle?
If you answered YES to any of these questions...
Imago Will Help!
You'll learn a new way to communicate that removes all criticism, blame and judgement.
You'll discover the source of your conflict and what to do about it.
You'll learn that under stress, one of you withdraws and the other pursues. The behavior you choose causes your partner the most pain and increases conflict. You'll learn what to do instead.
You'll understand how to regulate your nervous system to reduce reactivity.
You'll discover how to increase emotional and physical intimacy.
You'll rediscover your joy, passion, and playfulness.
You'll reconnect with your best friend.
You'll feel Stuck
if you do Nothing!
Fast and Effective
I don't use a long-term couples therapy model. I believe it's more effective to teach you the skills you need to continue the work at home.

I'll give you everything you need to feel competent--the education, the skills, and the coaching with positive feedback. You'll work with me until you feel confident. Come back as needed.

I'll give you dialogue scripts to help you during the week.

I'll share my relationship video tips. Each video demonstrates one challenge and one solution--all real examples from my 20+ years working with couples.
You're also welcome to take my in-depth Couples Relationship Seminars. The seminars are 3-hours long, jam-packed and designed to transform your relationship.

You can return anytime for more coaching and support.

I'm really looking forward to working with you! Let's start the process.
Call Today!
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Please be aware that if you are experiencing a life threatening emergency, or are imminently suicidal, Virtual Counseling is not appropriate for you. You should go immediately to your nearest emergency room, or call 9-1-1.

Another potential limitation of Virtual Counseling is internet connectivity. It is entirely possible that we could be at a critical point in our counseling session, and lose connection. If this happens, I will call back as soon as possible. And, again, if you are in severe crisis or imminently suicidal, you should follow the instructions above.