Couples Counseling that Works!
RALPH BUTCHER LMFT, Relationship Coach | Therapist | Workshop Presenter
What's Your Relationship Status?
Are you new to one another and want to keep the SIZZLE?
Are you wanting to improve your COMMUNICATION patterns?
Are you COMFORTABLE but wondering where the fun has gone?
Are you TRAPPED in arguments and longing to reconnect?
Are you near BREAK-UP and wondering if your relationship can survive?
If you answered YES to any of these questions...
IMAGO Counseling will Help!
Learn a new way to communicate that removes all criticism, blame and judgement.
Discover the source of your conflict and what to do about it.
Learn that under stress, one of you withdraws and the other pursues. The behavior you choose causes your partner the most pain and increases conflict. Learn what to do instead.
Understand how to regulate your nervous system to reduce reactivity.
Discover how to increase emotional and physical intimacy.
Rediscover your joy, passion, and playfulness.
Reconnect with your best friend.
Alanis Morissette and Oprah discuss Imago Theory and the Best Seller, Getting The Love You Want.
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Please be aware that if you are experiencing a life threatening emergency, or are imminently suicidal, Virtual Counseling is not appropriate for you. You should go immediately to your nearest emergency room, or call 9-1-1.

Another potential limitation of Virtual Counseling is internet connectivity. It is entirely possible that we could be at a critical point in our counseling session, and lose connection. If this happens, I will call back as soon as possible. And, again, if you are in severe crisis or imminently suicidal, you should follow the instructions above.
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