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RALPH BUTCHER LMFT, Relationship Coach | Therapist | Workshop Presenter
Please download a FREE copy of our eBook, "Stop Fighting, Start Connecting." These 24 pages are packed with information to help you understand what's happening in your relationship, and why you struggle. We share some insights that we present in our couples workshops. You will benefit most from our work together if you read this eBook prior to your workshop or couples counseling sessions. If you are not currently in a relationship, please read the eBook for future reference!

Follow this LINK to download your FREE copy now.
Online Relationship Bootcamp
Learn the theory, communication techniques, and exercises you will need to transform your relationship out of conflict and frustration, and into deep understanding and connection.

Some of the Many Things You'll Learn:
A new way to communicate.
Why you were attracted to one another.
Why you're having Conflict. The purpose of your Conflict. And what you need to do instead.
How your Defenses protected you in childhood, but block you from connecting in your relationship today.
How to stop blaming your partner for the pain you experienced in childhood.
This course is hosted on Udemy. To preview the material or join the program Click Here.
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Please be aware that if you are experiencing a life threatening emergency, or are imminently suicidal, Virtual Counseling is not appropriate for you. You should go immediately to your nearest emergency room, or call 9-1-1.

Another potential limitation of Virtual Counseling is internet connectivity. It is entirely possible that we could be at a critical point in our counseling session, and lose connection. If this happens, I will call back as soon as possible. And, again, if you are in severe crisis or imminently suicidal, you should follow the instructions above.
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