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RALPH BUTCHER LMFT, Relationship Coach | Therapist | Workshop Presenter
Take Level 1 first. Each seminar builds on the previous Level.
Level 1 Seminar
Introduction to
IMAGO and Dialogue
Cost per Couple, $97
Next Level 1 Dates
Most couples assume that "frustration" in their relationship means they chose the wrong person. The purpose of frustration is to awaken you (without some, you'd stop growing). When couples are frustrated, they begin to criticize one another. You might begin to feel hopeless, stuck, unappreciated and unloved. During this seminar you'll learn a new way to communicate that you can use immediately to reconnect with your partner. You'll discover how to treat one another so you'll both feel loved and appreciated. When you create an environment of respect and safety, you'll grow, heal, thrive, and feel happy again.
Family legacies are created and handed down from one generation to the next. Typically, the primary relationship training a child receives begins by observing the relationship patterns between his or her parents or caretakers. Therefore, your relationship model influences your child's development and later becomes the basis for your child's future partner selection. Are you ready to heal your relationship "and" provide a healthy and happy model for many generations?
Preview some of the Tips I'll send you after this Level 1 Seminar
Level 2 Seminar
Lost Parts and
Turtles and Tigers

Cost per Couple, $97
Next Level 2 Dates
Level 3 Seminar
Cost per Couple, $97
Next Level 3 Dates
Level 4 Seminar
The Power Struggle
& Resolving Conflict

Cost per Couple, $97
Next Level 4 Dates
Level 5 Seminar
Core Values
and Boundaries
Cost per Couple, $97
Next Level 5 Dates
Level 6 Seminar
Unlocking your
Protective Cage

Cost per Couple, $97
Next Level 6 Dates
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Please be aware that if you are experiencing a life threatening emergency, or are imminently suicidal, Virtual Counseling is not appropriate for you. You should go immediately to your nearest emergency room, or call 9-1-1.

Another potential limitation of Virtual Counseling is internet connectivity. It is entirely possible that we could be at a critical point in our counseling session, and lose connection. If this happens, I will call back as soon as possible. And, again, if you are in severe crisis or imminently suicidal, you should follow the instructions above.

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